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Since 1991, the McLean family has loved to grow the best quality produce for your family to enjoy. We grow a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables each season for PYO, farmers’ markets and our on-farm stores. We grow strawberries, raspberries, beans, sweet corn  and much more. However, we don’t have the time or the room to do it all on our own, so we love being able to support other local farms!  You will find signs throughout our on-farm stores which indicate where all of the produce was grown, and products were made. You can also find more information on each of the products we sell below.

While we do sell fresh produce from other local farms at our on-farm stores, we grow everything we sell at farmers’ markets. We have been MyPick verified by Farmers’ Markets Ontario since the inception of the program. At each of the Farmers’ Markets we go to, anything we sell is verifiably grown and produced directly on our farms.

Navigating this Page

You can filter by in-season products by clicking the “In-Season” button on the “Filter” options. This will allow you to see the products that are currently in season.

There is a banner at the top of each item that informs you of a product’s current status in the season: “Almost Ready”, “In Season”, “Almost Done”, and “Not in Season”.

The price, location, and pre-pick/PYO indicators underneath each product image do not indicate whether or not a product is currently available.

Please know that just because something is in season, we cannot guarantee its availability at any of our stores or farmers’ markets. This is subject to seasonal conditions such as weather, crop, and customer demand.

*While we try to keep information on our produce and products up to date, information, prices and availability information may be subject to change.
**Per pound prices may be per basket at farmers markets where scales aren’t available.