Sweet Corn

Almost Ready
  • Type: Pre-Pick
  • Cost $1.00/Each $5.50/Half Dozen (6 cobs) $10/Dozen (12 cobs) $45.00/Bag of 5 Dozen (60 Cobs)
  • Location McLean Farmers Markets

Typically available end of July/beginning of August until first frost. 

We grow many different varieties of corn on the farm. In a typical year, we grow (give or take) about 20 different varieties. We grow yellow and bi-colour (yellow and white) corn. Amongst these colours, there are many varieties with distinct properties. Varieties can differ drastically in cob size, tenderness and sweetness. 

To maintain sweetness, freshness and tenderness, it is important not only to always refrigerate corn, but to leave the husk on the corn until just before you cook it. Corn husks should be a green colour with brown silk at the top. The easiest way to tell that corn is ready is to gently feel the cob, first making sure that the cob is fairly uniform in size from top to bottom. While feeling the cob you will notice if there are any abnormal bumps or dips in the corn which can mean that there are extra smaller ‘baby’ cobs growing within the husk, or that the particular cob hasn’t been pollinated properly, etc. If the corn is ready, you should be able to feel a slight air gap at the top of the cob. 

When preparing sweet corn, the less it is cooked, the better the flavour and texture will be. *corn recipes*

*to keep corn fresh and sweet at home*

  • leave the husks on
  • refrigerate
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