Pick Your Own Updates


**Prime picking for the next 7-10 days as of June 21st – we recommend coming as soon as possible for the best PYO conditions**

πŸ“ PYO strawberry season now open daily!Β Β 


Once again, you can pick at 3 different locations this year:

πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ Walk To Field McLean Berry Farm (2191 16 Line). You can walk to the field at this location. There are some days where this can be a decent walk due to the size of our fields and we recommend it for people who don’t mind (or even enjoy) walking! This field will be open from 8-5, with final entry at 4:30.

🚜 Tractor Ride To Field Buckhorn Berry Farm (3055 Berrie Road). Come in through the main entrance (the second driveway). You can catch a ride to the field on a wagon, pulled by a tractor. Kids LOVE this option and we recommend it for those who might not be up to a potentially longer walk to the field, but are physically able to climb up and down the tractor step. On weekdays, this field will be open 8-4, with last entry to the field at 3:30. On weekends, this field will be open 8-5, with last entry at 4:30.

πŸš— Park in Field Buckhorn Berry Farm (3055 Berrie Road). Drive past the first three driveways, following the signs to the fourth gate (roughly one minute past the main entrance). Follow the signs to park in the field and park in the designated parking area! We recommend this option for those who don’t think they’ll be able to make the walk or tractor ride. There will be limited parking at this location – so definitely consider if you might be up for a walk or tractor ride! PLEASE contact us in advance if you have accessibility needs and we would be more than happy to work with you to arrange for the best and safest picking experience possible for you. On weekdays, this field will be open 8-8, with last entry at 7:30. On weekends, this field will be open 8-5, with last entry at 4:30.


πŸ“ You can bring previously purchased baskets from our farm, or baskets from other farms, or household items. At check-in, our staff will weigh any non-standard items so we can take that weight off of your berries!

πŸ“ No baskets? NO PROBLEM! We sell 4L baskets, as well as 7L, and 11L pails for an additional cost! Again, the basket price will be in addition to the cost of your berries (which are sold by weight). For health and safety reasons, you must purchase the basket once you pick into it. However, you can save it and bring it back again year after year!

πŸ“ PYO strawberries will be $3.95/lb this year. We take cash, debit, and credit at all three locations.

πŸ“ There is absolutely NO smoking or vaping in the fields.

πŸ“ Sadly, for health and safety reasons, we cannot allow any pets in the field (excepting certified service animals).


🌺 PYO raspberries hopefully beginning early July 2024 – please check back for crop updates and PYO opening!

Peas: Pod and Sugar Snap

🌱 PYO peas now open for our first day at our Buckhorn Berry Farm location, 3055 Berrie Rd. Prepicked peas available at farms and farmers markets while the season lasts! (Updated June 21, 2024)


🌱 PYO beans – please check back for 2024 updates

Black Currants

🌱 PYO black currants hopefully starting early to mid July 2024 – please check back for PYO updates!


πŸŽƒ PYO Pumpkins will be open in October 2024 as part of our annual Pumpkinfest!

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Updated June 21, 2024