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Carolina's Coffee

Carolina’s Colombia is a company created from a shared love and passion for the Colombian culture by its owners Ralf Pohlak and Carolina Orduz. Ralf is a native of Ontario, Canada, and Carolina is originally from Bucaramanga, Colombia. Ralf and Carolina, owners of Carolina’s Colombia, met and fell in love in 1998 in Bucaramanga, Colombia while Ralf was working on behalf of TransCanada PipeLines. Many moves, a wedding and a few years went by before they found themselves living in Ralf’s native homeland of Canada… with maintained ties to Carolina’s family in Colombia.

Carolina’s grandparents were coffee farmers; they worked the land that had been in Carolina’s family for generations. Carolina spent much of her childhood on the family farm and over the years was drawn back to the region and the family business. Ultimately, her dream was to own a plantation of her own so she could continue the family legacy and pass it along to her children. In April 2012 Carolina’s dream came true when Ralf and Carolina purchased a coffee plantation of their own where they grow their own beans using traditional methods.

With Carolina’s Colombia they are dedicated to sharing the beauty and flavours of Colombia by importing some of the finest coffee beans Columbia has to offer from their own farm as well as other local farmers. Over the last four years they have developed strong working relationships with local roasters and other like minded coffee farmers in Colombia. Sustainable & traditional (tastier) methods, hand picking, full washed, fermentation step, and sun drying (slower than kilns). No pesticides are used for their coffee as in the farms’ region and altitude none of the individual coffee farms they work with require pesticides.

High quality coffees at economical prices, custom roasted, blended, packaged where the unique taste of their own farm(s) can be appreciated intact (not mixed with inferior beans) and compensated fairly. As a high priority, Ralf and Carolina are committed to protecting and sharing the Colombian traditions and heritage. They wanted to build their plantation using techniques that protected the local environment so that the local community and travelers could enjoy the beauty of the land for many years to come.

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