Red Door Ranch Beef and Pork

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  • Location McLean Buckhorn

Guest Grower

290 Devitt’s Road

Bobcaygeon, ON

K0M 1A0

(705) 868-8007

Luke and Steph Leahy purchased their farm in 2016. They started just sharing their products with friends and family, and as it snowballed into larger orders, they finally decided to brand their business the “Red Door Ranch” and begin selling high-quality pork, beef, and chicken. 3 kids, a herd of cattle, handful of pigs, coop full of chickens, a couple of ponies, a horse who thinks she’s a cow and some dogs and cats later… they’re living the dream on their busy and beautiful working farm! Our store now carries both their beef and pork products, but they also sell chicken from their property in Bobcaygeon. They are happy to welcome families to the ranch by appointment to check out where the hard work happens!

Products in-store include (but are not limited to): Bacon, sausage (BBQ, farm-style, hot, mild, Oktoberfest, and breakfast), ham steak, smoked ham roast, pork butt chops, pork loin chops, pork back ribs, and pork spare ribs.

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