Green and Yellow Beans

Not In Season
  • Type: Pre-Pick
  • Cost $6.00/Litre $5.99/lb Pre-picked
  • Location McLean Farmers Markets

Typically available early to mid July until first frost.

We grow both yellow and green beans.

PYO green and yellow beans now done for the season.

On our farm we have multiple plantings of beans every year so that we can have them the entire summer, and into the fall. Beans should be harvested on dry days, at a medium size when they are crisp and firm (picked too small and they will wilt quickly, picked too large and they will not be as tender or flavourful).

Prepare beans for cooking by washing and cutting off ends. All colours of beans can be cooked in the same way/for the same amount of time. Cook as a tender, crisp and nutritious side vegetable or even make pickled beans (do not cook beans before pickling or they will overcook during the process and lose their crunch). We also sell Mclean’s Pickled Beans in our on-farm stores, and at farmers’ markets.

*to keep beans fresh and crisp at home*

  • refrigerate
  • do not wash until ready to use
  • if storing in plastic, wrap in a paper towel first to absorb any extra moisture
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