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Guest Grower

Typically available from late August to October.

We do grow some apples, but not enough to sell, so we source them from other Ontario farms.

We usually carry four of our favourite varieties (described below), but this is subject to change. Contact us during apple season to see which varieties we are selling this year!


  • large with red-orange stripes
  • mild, sweet taste
  • crisp texture
  • best for: salads, fruit plates, pies & sauces


  • dark red, blush with a splash of yellow or green
  • balance of tart and sweet
  • juicy, firm and crisp
  • best for: snacking, applesauce


  • thin yellow/orange skin with a red blush
  • mildly sweet flavour & flora aroma
  • dense, creamy, crisp yellow flesh
  • best for: fresh snacking

Honey Crisp:

  • yellow speckled with red/pink blush
  • sweet-tart balance, aromatic
  • crisp, juicy, with creamy white flesh
  • best for: eating fresh

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