Not In Season
  • Type: Pre-Pick
  • Cost $7.50/Pint $75.00/12 Pint Flat $5.35/lb/PYO
  • Location McLean Buckhorn Farmers Markets

PYO just starting

For the 2022 season raspberry PYO will be on/off as it looks like a smaller crop. Please check our updates page here (http://mcleanberryfarm.com/farm-updates/)  to see if raspberries will be open or text 705-657-8888 for the latest updates.



Typically available mid/late July to early August.

Raspberry season usually lasts 2-4 weeks.

*raspberry recipes*

*raspberry picking tips*

Raspberries must be picked when they are dry, so it is better to pick them later in the day when the morning dew has evaporated.  Pick raspberries gently. They are ripe and ready to pick when they loosen from the receptacle with ease. Berries should be firm, dry and free of any mold or mildew. Don’t just look on top of the bushes, look under the plant’s leaves to reveal beautiful berries which might otherwise be missed.

*to keep raspberries fresh at home*

  • they have a short shelf-life, so the quicker you consume them the better they will be
  • always refrigerate in a breathable container
  • never wash until ready to use
  • can also be frozen
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