Almost Ready
  • Type: Pre-Pick
  • Cost $6.00/Bunch
  • Location Farmers Markets

Typically available in May and June.

We have been growing asparagus on our farm since 2011. Asparagus is a perennial (regrowing year after year) spring vegetable, which is harvested by cutting the spears off above the soil.

The youngest (smallest diameter) asparagus is typically the most tender. Prepare asparagus for cooking by washing in cold water and snapping off any tough ends.  Asparagus can be boiled, steamed, roasted, grilled or even microwaved! *asparagus recipes*

*to keep asparagus fresh and crisp at home*

  • cut off a thin slice of the ends 
  • place upright in a jar with a small amount of cold water
  • cover tops with a plastic bag
  • refrigerate & change water daily


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