Produce & Products

The McLean family has been farming since 1991 and loves growing the best quality fruits and vegetables for your family to enjoy. We grow a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on our farms each season for PYO, to sell at farmers markets and for our farm stores and we love being able to grow lots of fresh fruits and vegetables including strawberries, raspberries, beans, sweet corn and much more. We don’t have the time or the room on our do it it all though – so we love being able to support other local farms from nearby and from across Ontario who also grow great produce.  You’ll find signs throughout the farm indicating where all of the produce we sell is from – whether it’s ours or another farms – and you can find more information on each of the products below!  While we do sell other local farm fresh produce at our on farm stores, everything we sell at farmers’ markets is grown on our farms by us. We have been MyPick verified by Farmers’ Markets Ontario since the inception of the program which means that at each of the Farmers’ Markets we go to, anything you buy from us at farmers markets is verified that it was grown and produced directly on our farms.

*While we try to keep this information up to date, information, prices and availability information may be subject to change.
**Per pound prices may be per basket at farmers markets where scales aren’t available.