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The McLean’s philosophy is fairly simple: provide healthy farm fresh delicious produce to local communities. With an emphasis on quality, freshness and friendly customer service, they work tirelessly to ensure that the food they grow is the best it can possibly be. They welcome the public to their farm whenever possible to create connections between you and your food so that you can see where and how it’s grown, while enjoying the best tasting local produce this region has to offer.

McLean Berry Farm is their original farm location, bought in 1991 and located on the 16th Line. McLean Berry Farm is a 99 acre farm filled with fields of produce as well as home to their Sugarbush. Nestled among apple trees and blueberry bushes, their main on farm store is at this location and is filled with their own and other local farm fresh produce from berry season in June to pumpkin season in October. McLean Berry Farm is also home to their annual Maplefest each spring.

Buckhorn Berry Farm is their second location, bought in 2010 and located on Berrie Road, just off of Deer Bay Road, only one concession north of their McLean Berry Farm location. At 187 acres it is quite a bit larger than their McLean Berry Farm location and is now home to most of their strawberry and raspberry plantings, though this varies from year to depending on their crop rotation. Buckhorn Berry Farm is also where their annual Pumpkinfest is held each fall.

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Since 1991 the McLean family has been focused on providing their surrounding local communities with fresh, local and delicious produce and products from their farm. In 2010 with the involvement of their children on the farm they expanded to buy a second farm, Buckhorn Berry Farm. They now offer pick your own strawberries and raspberries along with a few other fruits and vegetables, have two on farm stores, sell to local grocery stores and attend various farmers markets throughout the region with only the produce they grow themselves.

Each spring the McLean family kicks off the celebration of spring with their annual Maplefest. This celebration of spring is the perfect way celebrate the end of winter and enjoy longer warmer days and the joy of the sweetest season on earth. Welcoming families from all over they offer various activities for everyone to enjoy as well as maple treats and visiting the sugarbush and sugar shack.

As spring continues they gear up for planting and begin to sow seeds for the summer season ahead. With almost 300 acres of land, around 220 of it is in production of fruits, vegetables and maple syrup each year. Their farm store opens with the beginning of berry season in mid June where they offer Pick Your Own strawberries, followed by peas, beans and raspberries. Other seasonal produce begins to ripen on the farm and they offer prepicked fruits and vegetables for sale at their on farm stores and farmers markets each summer from June until October. From asparagus to berries, sweet corn to pumpkins and so much more in between, their family works all season long to grow and harvest delicious local produce for your family to enjoy.

With fall they open for their annual Pumpkinfest for the last weekends of October, starting Thanksgiving weekend at their Buckhorn Berry Farm location. Wagon rides, pumpkin picking, mazes, a pumpkin cannon and so much more family fun welcomes everyone to enjoy the outdoors on the farm one last time before the season ends.

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The farm now known as McLean Berry Farm was homesteaded in the mid 1800’s and has produced Maple Syrup for around one hundred years. In the mid 1950’s Clarence Northey set out to grow some of the first strawberries in the area and this farm has been producing strawberries ever since. When Clarence retired, he sold the farm and it passed hands a couple of times.

In January 1991, Sam and Jane McLean bought the farm and moved in with their two small children. In the summer of 1991 they offered their first fruits vegetables for sale and over the years they have expanded and changed the produce that they grow, as well as on their farm store. Nurturing one of the areas first strawberry farms back to it’s original working condition took many years, hard work, and a lot of love but over the years the farm has grown into a popular berry farm in the Peterborough area.

As their children grew, they both developed a love for the farm as well as a love for providing the community with a fresh, local and delicious source of fruits and vegetables and they now are both active contributing members of the family farm. In 2010, with the increasing involvement of their now grown children, Ben and Erin, on the farm, they expanded from one farm to purchase a second berry farm, Buckhorn Berry Farm, one concession north of their home farm.

They now farm both farms, working together as a family to grow farm fresh fruits and vegetables, attend various local farmers markets, sell wholesale to local grocery stores, as well as provide farm family festivals such as their annual Maplefest and Pumpkinfest.

The McLean family now offers strawberries as pick your own, fresh at their farm market, at farmers markets, and wholesale. They also grow a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables and have expanded their store a couple of times over the years in order to display the wide variety of produce that they grow.

In addition, they complement their own home grown produce with other local products such a honey, beef and eggs from other local producers.

They are constantly working to continue to expand the variety of crops that they are growing, as well as their availability throughout the season using a wide number of different growing techniques. Using trickle irrigation, day neutral strawberries, fall raspberries and high tunnels are only a few of the ways that the McLean family is continuing to extend and better their growing season and growing techniques in order to be able to continue to provide their customers with fresh fruits and vegetables each season.