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General Inquiries

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Produce Availability

General Inquiries

Can I bring my dog to your farm?

We love pets, but we cannot have them in the store or fields for food safety and insurance reasons. We ask that they stay at home while you’re doing your PYO. Certified service animals are the only exception.

Do you accept debit?

We take cash, debit, and credit! We ask that you consider paying cash or debit, but we will accept credit as well. We do not accept American Express.

Will you take back green litres?

We are happy to take back any green litres you have received from us over the years to reduce waste! Please note that we do not charge a deposit on these, so we will not be able to offer any money in return.

Is your produce organic?

We are not a certified organic farm. We use pesticides in our fields to help ensure that we have our berries for as long as possible, but only use the bare minimum and only spray when totally necessary. We always say that you can eat our berries right off the vine, as we are very careful to rotate the fields in such a way that no berries are directly sprayed. We also take as many preventative measures as possible ahead of time so we can hopefully minimize our use.

Is your farm wheelchair accessible?

As an active farm, we do have some uneven terrain (as roadways are not paved), so it unfortunately depends on the weather and how wet the ground gets. We’ve been working on getting an accessible wagon for the future.

Our staff are trained every year on our accessibility policy and we do everything we reasonably can to ensure all guests have a fun and safe harvesting experience. If you have any concerns prior to visiting our farm, please send us a text at 705-657-2134 or visit our contact page.

About In-Store Products

Do you sell pies? Can I buy them frozen/unbaked?

We sell 8″ fruit pies in-store that we order from Apple Valley in Nova Scotia. Apple Valley makes their pies from scratch on-site. They use fresh Nova Scotia produce to make their pie fillings, and they hand-pour the fillings into the pie shells to preserve the structural integrity of the fruit. The pies are flash-frozen to preserve freshness, and are then baked for the first time in our kitchen. Since the pies are sent to us frozen, we are happy to sell you frozen pies if you wish to bake them at home at a later date! Inquire in-store with a staff member to learn more about flavour availability and to receive baking instructions.

Do you sell sugar-free jam?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any sugar-free jams at this time. All of our jam recipes rely on sugar as a setting agent as well as a preservative.

Produce Availability

To see full produce availability, please visit here.

Do you grow red currants?

We do grow red currants but do not grow enough to be able to sell them in-store or at farmers’ markets. All of the red currants we are able to get are used towards making the four flavours of jam featuring red currants: Red Currant Jelly, Raspberry Red Currant Jam, Strawberry Red Currant Jam, and Summer Medley Jam (which features raspberries, strawberries, and red currants!)

Do you grow gooseberries?

We do have gooseberry plants, but we have a very small crop and typically use all of this to make our gooseberry jam. We did not get any gooseberries in 2023 as something had destroyed our crop.

Do you grow black raspberries?

Unfortunately our black raspberry plants had an especially rough few winters and as of 2023 we lost our crop and have had to plant new bushes. It is likely to be a while before these are mature enough to harvest but stay tuned in the future to see if we are able to offer black raspberries again!

Do you grow wild blueberries?

We only offer cultivated blueberries, and we have a very small field – we send most of our blueberries to the market. We bring in blueberries from other farms to supplement our supply so that you can get fresh blueberries during your seasonal visit to the farm!