Farm Updates

Pick Your Own

PYO JULY 23rd 2019:

All picking at our Buckhorn Berry Farm location, 3055 Berrie Rd on Tuesday July 23rd.

PYO Strawberries final day for PYO will be Tuesday July 23rd.

Raspberry picking is prime and excellent the week of July 22nd - best picking at our Buckhorn Berry Farm location, 3055 Berrie Rd

Peas are almost finished, still some available but slower picking - Buckhorn Berry Farm location only.

PYO beans now available, Buckhorn Berry Farm location only.

Hoping to be able to start PYO black currants sometime late the week of July 22nd.

PYO Hours:
Buckhorn Berry Farm - Weekdays: 8am-8pm, Weekends & Holidays: 8am-5pm. Last entrance to the fields is half an hour before closing.
McLean Berry Farm - Weekdays, weekends & holidays: 8am-5pm. Last entrance to PYO fields is always at 4:30

• Pick your own happens at both of our farm locations, but the most berries we have available for picking are at our Buckhorn Berry Farm location - which is also where you can get a tractor ride to the field!

• PYO berries are sold by weight so that you only pay for what you pick! For picking you are welcome to bring your own baskets or containers from last year, other farms or anything else from home you'd like to pick in to - just make sure that you have it weighed before you go to the fields so that we can take the weight of the container off when you return and only charge you for the berries.

• We accept cash, debit, mastercard and visa in our farm stores and for PYO.

• Sorry - we can't allow pets in to the fields!


Update: July 23rd, 2019

• PYO winding down - only available at our Buckhorn Berry Farm location and is slow as the season comes to an end. Final day for PYO strawberries will be Tuesday July 23, 2019

• Both farm stores are now open. We have prepicked strawberries daily available - season is winding down so supply may be limited depending on demand.. Prepicked strawberries are the same price as last year - 6.50/litre and 32/flat of 6 litres.


Updated July 23rd 2019

Raspberry picking is prime the week of July 22nd. Picking is excellent right now but those conditions won't last forever - we're at the peak of the season right now.

The Farm

What’s On at the farm

McLean Berry Farm farm store now open daily.. Buckhorn Berry Farm farm store opening with the beginning of PYO strawberries

Now Available:
• Strawberries (may be limited quanities)
• Raspberries
• Green & Yellow Beans
• Hydroponic Tomatoes
• Pod Peas (season is winding down)
• Variety of Ontario Produce
• Homemade Jams, Maple Syrup & Preserves

First prepicked strawberries hopefully mid week the week of June 24th but this all depends on the weather and how fast they ripen.

PYO to open when there are enough ripe to open our PYO fields sometime after this!


What’s On at the Markets

Now available:
• Strawberries - available in litres, 2L baskets, 3L baskets and 6L flats (may be limited depending on demand)
• Raspberries
• Peas - only pod now available and may be limited supplies
• Green & Yellow Beans
• Homemade Jams, Maple Syrup & Preserves

Debit now available at: Haliburton Farmers Market - Tuesdays, Peterborough Wednesday Farmers' Market, Lakefield Farmers Market - Thursdays, Stanhope Farmers Market - Fridays & Peterborough Regional Farmers' Market in downtown Peterborough on Saturdays.