PYO Guidelines

PYO Covid-19 Guidelines


What you need to know and do before coming to PYO:

  • Stay at home if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, have come in to contact with anyone possibly infected or if you have recently traveled.
  • We are increasing our sanitation measures to help keep you safe – please do your part to keep our community safe while harvesting too.
  • In line with public health, guests will be required to wear a facemask anytime they may come into closer contact with someone outside their household. Thus, masks are mandatory while checking in, checking out, going to or from your row, while riding on the tractor, in our farm stores or anywhere else where they may be closer then 6 feet to another guest or staff. Once in your assigned row and safely distanced from others you will be permitted to take off your mask if you’d like, similarly to patios at a restaurant.
  • Send only those who are able to follow our rules and guidelines – Regardless of age, guests must be able to to follow all rules and guidelines. You will be given a reminder of these and if unable to follow rules, you will be asked to leave for everyone’s safety. All children must be directly supervised at all times and stay with the adult in their row. 
  • Guests participating in PYO will be limited to a maximum group size. Just like grocery stores we’re asking you to limit the size of your group whenever possible. The maximum amount of people in one row for PYO will be 2 adults and one child or 1 adult and 3 children under 12. This is in order to maintain spacing and still pick all of the ripe berries.  If you have a larger group that will need to be split up please consider driving to the field instead of taking the tractor as we must distance groups on the tractor. You can split your group in to multiple smaller groups but each smaller group must have at least one adult for everyone two children under 12. Please consider limiting your group size and sending only those who will be harvesting as we only can access half of the rows we normally would on any given day for distancing reasons – we want everyone to be able to harvest quickly and safely.
  • Always maintain a 2m distance. Please keep a 2m distance from others harvesting, as well as our staff.
  • Wash and/or sanitize hands before and after harvesting. Wash stations and sanitizing stations are located throughout the field.
  • Food should be washed directly before consumption – However, don’t wash far in advance as it can compromise the quality of the fruit.
  • No eating in the field. During COVID-19, there will be a no tasting policy on the farm for health and safety reasons.
  • You can only pick into approved containers. We will have containers for sale, you will also be able to pick into clean containers from previous years, which have a standard weight. Cardboard or plastic baskets, berry buckets, litres and picking containers from our farm or others are good to go! If your containers are still weighed from last year and clean – you’re good to go! To minimize touch points we cannot weigh containers heading in to the field this year so containers must be a standard weight.  If you don’t mind paying for the weight of a bowl or container we can do that without taking a tare off of your baskets.
  • Entrance to the field will be limited to restrict numbers of guests and allow for proper spacing.
  • Guests must stay in their assigned row. All guests must stay in the row assigned to them for picking in their groups. There is absolutely no jumping rows or wandering through the field. If you are not finding enough berries in your row – let one of our staff know and we’ll do our best to find you another place to pick.
  • No berry left behind! Make sure you pick all ripe berries large and small for hygiene reasons and to help us keep the fields well picked so that strawberry season can last longer!

How PYO will work:

Buckhorn Berry Farm is open for Pick Your Own Raspberries from 8am-8pm for PYO on weekdays and 8-5 weekends and holidays. The last entrance to the field is half an hour before closing in order to allow you time to harvest.

We know that harvesting can often turn in to a fun social event, but again this year we’re asking that everyone helps us return to our roots and make this a traditional harvest activity without those activities. Please limit your group size whenever possible to help us allow everyone the chance to be able to harvest their own berries this year. There will be no play areas, picnics or walking through the farm permitted.

Locations & Hours:

Buckhorn Berry Farm: Now closed for the 2021 Season

McLean Berry Farm:  Store open on weekdays, weekends and holidays from 8am – 5pm, PYO no longer open.